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Welcome to the Natural Disaster lesson

external image natural-disasters-list.jpg
external image natural-disasters-list.jpg

Photo taken from: http://www.armageddononline.org/images/natural-disasters-list.jpg

During this lesson you will be learning about Natural Disasters. Please follow the directions carefully so that you are able to complete this lesson.

Step 1
Take a moment to look at the picture that is posted above. Have you ever seen anything similar to what is in these pictures ? Did you see it in person, on the internet, in a movie, or even on television? Please answer the questions that have been posted in this discusion board. http://andrewmoran.wikispaces.com/message/list/Natural+Disasters+Lesson

Step 2
Video time !!!! You will now watch a video about Natural Disasters. You can use the outline provided below to take notes or write them down on a piece of paper, which ever is easier for you. Just know that u will be posting these notes on this page so I recommend using the outline this way you can just copy and paste your notes.
Outline - external image empty.png [[file/view/Natural Disaster Notes.rtf|Natural Disaster Notes.rtf]]

Watch the video as many times as you would like. The first time that you watch it do not worry about taking notes I just want you to enjoy the video. When watching it the second or third time you can pause or rewind the video in order to record notes on your outline.

Video - http://www.brainpop.com/science/earthsystem/naturaldisasters/

Once you have watched the video and completed the outline you may post your outline here
Step 3
Now that you have watched the video and taken notes its time for the next part of the lesson. In this part of the lesson you will be showing what you have learned about Natural Disasters. You can do this in a couple different ways. One way to post your work is to create a Wordle. Another option is to create a PowerPoint presentation by clicking on the link below.
external image empty.png [[file/view/PowerPoint.ppt|PowerPoint.ppt]]

Once you have finished creating your Wordle or PowerPoint you will post it here.

Step 4

Now that you have presented your information it is time to reflect on what you have done. Please fill out this rubric to make sure that u have completed all of the assigned work. external image empty.png [[file/view/Natural+Disasters+Presentation+Rubric.xls|Natural+Disasters+Presentation+Rubric.xls]]

Natalie-Natural Disaster Presentation in a Powerpoint

Siobhan's Wordle

Bill's Wordle

Lesson Reflection

1. What is the concept you intended your students to learn or explore?
The concept that I intended my students to explore was natural disasters. I wanted them to understand the different kinds of natural disasters and why they occur.
2. How does this assignment fit with the prior and future learning of the class?
The students began this lesson by building off of their proir knowledge. This lesson will help students to better understand why natural disasters happen. So when they hear about events through the news they will have a better understanding why the event occured. They now have knowledge to better comprehend what has happened.
3. Why did you decide to organize the assignment in this manner? That is, how does this approach advance
student understanding?
This approach allowes the students to think about what they already know about natural disasters. By looking at the picture and responding on the discussion board they are accessing their prior knowledge. The outline provides the students with key points to pay attention to. The students are able to watch the video and record the information that they feel is important. The students are able to take that information and create a presentation with it to show what they have learned.
4. Consider the student work, both of the class as a whole and of those for whom you have samples. What does
it tell you about their level of understanding? What does it say about their perseverance?
The presentations show me that the students displayed a good level of understanding for this lesson. All of the students were able to show their understanding in a uniqe way. As for perseverance, all of the students work was well thought out and well done. The PowerPoint presentation showed the most perseverance because it included the most information and most likely took the longest to create.
5. If you had the opportunity to make this same assignment again, would you do it in the same way? If you
would alter it, explain why

The only thing that I would change is the amount of discussion board questions. I think If I added some more questions about winter storms it would get the students involved a little more since they are familiar with that type of natural disaster.

6. Given the student work, what do you plan to do next with these students?

One thing I would like to do is a jigsaw like activity. I would break the students up into groups. Each group could have their own natural disaster that they would become experts on. They could do research through web sites that I would provide for them to find out specific things about their natural disaster. They could create a presentation to share what they have learned with the class.